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2018 tips from the highest-flyers we know!

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What better way to kick start 2018 than with a bunch of savvy tips from some of the highest-flyers we know? In line with our mission to minimise #tailspins and #bagtangles more than ever, we asked six stars to share a quick trick or two. You're welcome.


"Have a diary, keep it on you always and look at it every night before bed. That way - no unexpected surprises and you can tackle the day ahead." 

Lauren Finks

Founder, Sly Australia



"Sign up to some quality newsletters to save you time in the morning. Personally I love My Daily Business Coach, Fast Company and The Hustle for business tips and tech news." 

Sarah Green

Head of Media - Of Character



"Offload and outsource tasks that take you away from developing or delivering your core skill. Also build ‘buffer time’ into every week so you’ve got capacity to deal with those (unplanned for) things that pop-up along the way." 

Andrea Clarke

Founder - CareerCEO



"I’m kicking the new year off with some serious goal setting, for all aspects of life. Time is such a scarce resource and I want to make sure I use mine wisely. I’m a notorious list maker and a planner. Fail to plan, plan to fail, I say!" 

Mia Klitsas

Co-Founder, Director, Thinker, Doer - Moxie Australia



"I’ll be eating my beloved chocolate ice cream with my non-dominant hand to do it more consciously and hopefully eat less!" 

Talitha Cummins

Journalist, Speaker, Writer - Talitha Cummins 



"Planning, planning, planning! Pop everything in your calendar and stick to deadlines. In saying that, I can’t be too rigid in my job running an agency - I’ve come to expect the unexpected! So, my number one tip is to plan as much as possible, but be open to excitement and unexpected adventures." 

Tina Orr

Director, Hatching Communications 

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