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Claim your Sparro Carry-All as a Tax Deduction*

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No joke. It’s legit. Promise.


Sparro Carry-All Laptop and Tech pockets


We've had a chat to our number loving friends to check the deets. There are *of course* a couple of boxes to tick...

Here's the deal.

For your Sparro Designs Carry-All to be considered a Tax Deduction in this Fin Year, it needs to:

1. Fit the criteria of a work-related expense. That is, carry-work related items.*
2. Be equip to handle said work related items. i.e. have a laptop compartment, pockets and pouches for your work related tech.
3. Purchased before June 30, 2018
4. You have to have paid for it.


TICK. TICK. TICK. TICK? #yassss. Read on high-flyer for a few extra bits below.

TICK. TICK. TICK. NO? Ah. Darn it. But hey, you did get the the BEST birthday present ever! Still #winning. 


Corporate Catwalker X Sparro Designs


Your accountant is probably best equip to advise on the specifics. However it's important to note the fine print. That being: 

5. If you also use your Sparro Carry-All on the weekend, you can claim a percentage. Keeping a log book is recommended.
6. And finally, the cost is likely to be depreciated over a couple of years based on the RRP (i.e over $300).  


You’re welcome!


* The longer spiel (aka exact ATO friendly wording) on Point 1. is.... "If a handbag is bought for mainly or wholly for work, is used to carry work-related items and is an essential part of a person’s ability to earn an income, then a claim can be made. If you are carrying work items to and from work, be that a laptop, work papers and minor personal items, then you are in a position to claim a reasonable deduction for the cost of the Sparro Designs Carry-All."

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