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#LifeInBag with ... MIKAYLA ROSE

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Mikayla Rose

Founder, Heartly

Your #LifeInBag flat lay exposé. In 1 sentence, please explain. 

All the essentials for an "on the tools” designer, no stilettos here. Love my job!


Sparro is a testament to high flying females known for their love and dedication to work, and working out. But also…to the one who may have been known to arrive at the gym with her top on inside-out (or backwards – sometimes both). Sound familiar?

An inside-out top doesn’t affect the work out so it doesn’t matter! I’m lucky to have a dedicated, down-to-earth small team of staff who don’t mind arriving at the studio to find me at my desk in my work out gear, waiting to tick off enough emails to justify a dash out the door for a quick 10km.


We love working out for many reasons, but mostly because a solid sweat gets us offline, sharpens our focus and gives us the confidence and energy to smash some serious life goals. Tell us about your current targets (career, life or otherwise).

Right now my focus is firmly on keeping up with the growth of Heartly and my three kids, who are growing up way too fast. We receive more enquiries than we can manage and are in the fortunate position of being able to pick and choose the work we take on at Heartly. We’re also bursting at the seams in our small studio space so we’re searching for our new digs too!

Focussing on the business, managing the growth and developing systems to keep up with expanding business requirements have certainly taken time away from my training. On a daily basis our clients come first and I will always attend to their urgent needs before my own.

Training is still a crucial part of my week, but I simply don’t have the same amount of time to train as I did in my running hey day (I ran 3:17 for my first Boston Marathon in 2013). Despite my limited time I’m currently in the early stages of training for London Marathon 2018 - can’t wait (!!!), and I know the fitness will give me insane vitality; I am so excited!



The daily workout. AM, PM or somewhere in between?

Usually AM. Sometimes in between.


Your #LifeInBag breakfast of champions looks like …

Porridge with sultanas and skim milk. Oh and two skim lattes! (4 coffees is the new healthy right)?!


Canned tuna for lunch on the go. Legendary, or LEAVE IT BEHIND?

No thanks, I love food and am usually motivated to put in a bit of effort, it only takes a couple of minutes.

Seriously smart, understated, Scandi-style design gets our wings flapping. What destination, space or event has recently inspired you?

I’m currently in Beijing and have been blown away by the diversity of this incredible city. The scale of both the ancient and modern architecture is difficult to comprehend and so inspiring. A client recommended I visit the Art Zone; you get a sense here that the interpretation and use of space is completely uninhibited and obviously so creative. I loved wandering around soaking it all in.

In stark contrast, we stayed at the newly renovated Peninsular Hotel which was so beautifully luxurious and incredibly detailed. Lots of inspo here for high-end interior projects; there were touch screens at the entry to every room; close the curtains? Yes please. Dim the lights? Yes please. Luxe!!


Any amazing products, brands or things you’re loving because they ‘ease the load’, minimised tailspins or saved you from ye old form-function compromise?  

We really don’t need to compromise much on form for functionality these days. There is usually a beautifully considered solution for the things we need to include in modern design. As an example, with integrated fridges, flush mount cook tops and all black ovens, the kitchen can sit directly alongside our relaxation zones.

From a product perspective I’m loving the pared back aesthetic of Zetr recessed integrated switches and also the sleek minimalist fittings developed by Est Lighting. Two young Australian dynamic design companies, you will see more of their products in Heartly projects in the near future.


Simple words of wisdom to other Sparro fans looking to mirror your success?

Work hard at something that gives you a rush, make space for yourself and your training and dedicate focussed attention to family and friends. And be compassionate. Give something back to the world, the return will be far greater.


Finally, where can we find you for more High Flyer tips, tricks & all round #InSparro?

You can catch my design work on Instagram via @heartlydesignstudio. We also share posts to our Heartly Facebook account and we're slowly building the Heartly profile on Houzz.

And of course we regularly update our website

Training wise, you can follow all my marathon antics on Instagram via @mikroserun too. Happy days!

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