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Deep Dive with ... SIGNATURE!

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Sparro SIGNATURE. Whoa! What makes you so special? 

On the surface, I’m streamlined and stealthily simple. But underneath, I’m intricately engineered, agile and ready for anything. I’m professional, but unequivocally up for that 5pm knock off.

In essence, I’m the reason this entire brand exists. I’m THE BAG Sparro’s Founder, Amie Fitt couldn’t find. I’m not a gym bag, a work tote or laptop pouch - I’m a sleek, strong and seriously smart collaboration of all those high-flyer essentials!

And somewhat stylish if I say so myself. 





We love your luxe 100% leather X premium neoprene matrix. What exactly separates you from the Signature Flex style?

Our difference lies in the outer pocket and base. I sport 100% genuine leather, whereas my striking Flex sister has a neoprene outer pocket and base.

Apart from that, yup, we’re same-same.


How many different colour / fabric variations do you come in?

Four! Deciding between them is the reason I’m late to my 6am pump class most mornings. Some are more understated, while others boast a little more seasonal flair (hello Rose Gold hardware)! Take a peep at the Sparro Signature line up here


    Something people might not know about you at first glance?

    I might be darn striking at first glance, but my greatest magic lies on the inside - I’ve truly got a spot for everything. Runners, dirty laundry, laptop, phone, valuables, pens, notebook, wallet, snacks, gloss … and I’m only just warming up:)



    Your standout features?

    My Inner Shoe Bag is pretty spesh. It folds away when empty, and creates a handy shelf when full. It also creates a perfect space for your water bottle to stop it falling over.

    My Padded Laptop Pouch is equally brilliant, and of course, how can I forget the Heat Proof Pocket for the straightener or dryer? Farewell iron-induced holes in favourite tights and tops. Genius!

    Take a peep under my Signature hood here.     


    If you HAD to name-drop, who has recently enlisted your services to ease their #LifeInBag load?

    Well … only because you asked! Thus far, this Signature Sparro’s brag book includes the likes of the incredible Kayla Itsines @kayla_itsines Sylvia Jeffreys @sylviajeffreys Erin Molan @erin_molan Laura Henshaw @laura.henshaw and Brigitte Saunders @brigxx


    The most bizarre thing you've ever carried? 

    The stories I could share … but a genuine Sparro never carries & tells! All I can say is - ‘dem high-flyers sure know how to clock up the contents.

    Fridays are often the funniest - definitely when those ambitious personalities start to shine. Before you know it I’ve been to more locations than I can count.

    Thanks to my antibacterial Purity Pouch, however, by Monday I’m ready to do it all again! 


    Finally, any CARE tips on how we can get the most out of you?  

    Please avoid leaving me in the sun or exposed to long periods of UV rays - both of which can quickly compromise the quality of my leather and neoprene (nobody likes that weathered prune-esque effect, do they?).

    And if you’d really like to preserve by #LifeInBag brilliance? Perhaps a little love with some leather cream on my outer pockets, base and handles from time to time. Lovely, thanks!


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