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#LifeInBag with ... BEK SHEPPARD

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Bek Sheppard

Founder. Bek Sheppard Melbourne 


Bek Sheppard #LifeInBag flat lay


Ok, your #LifeInBag flat lay exposé*. In 1 sentence, please explain.

Practical, minimalist style … with a hint of 2018.


Sparro is a testament to high flying females known for their love and dedication to work, and working out. But also…to the one who may have been known to arrive at the gym with her top on inside-out (or backwards – sometimes both). Sound familiar?

Absolutely, I often forget my hair tie and have to ask the gym receptionists for an elastic band or pen to wrap up my hair.


We love working out for many reasons, but mostly because a solid sweat gets us offline, sharpens our focus and gives us the confidence and energy to smash some serious life goals. Tell us about your current targets (career, life or otherwise).

My biggest focus at this point in time is my health & fitness goals. As they say health is wealth.

Second to that is the growth of my photographic practice. We’ve had an incredible 2017 adding a number of awesome brands, interior designers & architectural firms to our existing clientele list. 2018 is looking to be our biggest year yet and we cannot wait to dive in.

Bek Sheppard


The daily workout. AM, PM or somewhere in between?

My daily workout is often PM during the week, AM during the weekends. I’m a late evening creative. I find a hard, sweaty workout is a great way to release the day’s energy and start afresh during the night.


Your #LifeInBag breakfast of champions looks like …

I like to mix it up on alternate days. Day one greens and eggs, day two porridge, yoghurt, nuts and fruit. I’m a self-confessed carboholic, so, whatever I choose for my morning meal must have carbs included!


Canned tuna for lunch on the go. Legendary, or LEAVE IT BEHIND?

Leave the tuna. I’ve eaten way too much canned fish during my years of packed lunches.


Seriously smart, understated, Scandi-style design gets our wings flapping. What destination, space or event has recently inspired you?

Funny you mention Scandi … the conscious and seemingly simple approach to life and design in Scandinavia has always inspired me in my practice. Hence why I thought it would only be fitting to book a trip for 2018.


Image c/o Made by Morgen, photographed by Lillie Thompson

Any amazing products, brands or things you’re loving because they ‘ease the load’, minimised tailspins or saved you from ye old form-function compromise? 

I’d have to say Apple. Apple consistently reinvents the technology platform and continues to deliver simple and innovatively engineered products to the consumer.


Simple words of wisdom to other Sparro fans looking to mirror your success?

Keep going - create for the love and passion. Success will follow.


Finally, where can we find you for more High Flyer tips, tricks & all round #InSparro?

The best place to visit me is in on our Instagram handle @beksheppard / #beksheppard or website

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