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#LifeInBag with ... EMMA NORRIS

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Emma Norris


Content Producer, Writer + Founder - A Girl In Progress


Emma Norris @agirlinprogress


Ok, your #LifeInBag flat lay exposé*. In 1 sentence, please explain.

My #LifeInBag includes: My Macbook because I’m always working on the go, my Caeden headphones because I can’t go anywhere without tunes, my IziPizi sunnies to protect my peepers, my biz cards because you never know who you’ll meet, deo and Commodity Gold perfume to freshen up before/after the gym, my hairbrush because I need to untangle my hair 12 times per day,  my Mimco phone/wallet hybrid because I like to keep it in one place, approximately 10 million lip products and a pen, because what kind of writer would I be without one? Longest sentence ever, haha!


Sparro is a testament to high flying females known for their love and dedication to work, and working out. But also…to the one who may have been known to arrive at the gym with her top on inside-out (or backwards – sometimes both). Sound familiar?

Um, YES! Not only did you just describe me to a tee, but this is the whole premise of my blog, A Girl In Progress. We believe you can be both a high-achieving girlboss and a bit of a hot mess at the same time — and that’s perfectly okay!



We love working out for many reasons, but mostly because a solid sweat gets us offline, sharpens our focus and gives us the confidence and energy to smash some serious life goals. Tell us about your current targets (career, life or otherwise).

There are so many!

Fitness: I’m normally someone who works out 4-5 times per week. But lately, I’ve been traveling a lot, so I’ve really been thrown out of a routine. So, my biggest fitness goal right now is to get started on a strength training plan again. I really thrive on having structure around my gym routine and feel so much better when I have strength goals (not just aesthetic — although if it gives me abs and toned arms then hey, so be it!) to work towards.

Career: I’ve been really lucky in that since I went freelance as a writer and social media manager just over a year ago, I haven’t struggled to find work. In fact, quite the opposite has been the case, meaning I’ve just taken on more and more work. Add A Girl In Progress on top of this and it’s all led to be being overworked, not having adequate work/life balance and if I’m honest, spreading myself a little too thinly. So, my goals right now are to introduce better systems for blocking out my time, automate as much as my business as possible, reevaluate my services so that I’m doing more big picture content stuff and less bit-sy tasks, introduce more residual income streams to my business and get better at saying ‘no’ to projects I’m not excited about or don’t have time for. Essentially, I’d love to carve out more time for A Girl In Progress (my BIG goal is to go full-time with it within the next year) and actually have the breathing space to enjoy the projects I’m working on.

Money: I have waaaaay too many bank accounts right now, so my biggest money goal right now is to simplify, simplify, simplify, so that I can see exactly where my money is going and maximise my savings.

It’s becoming clear to me that my overall goal is just to sort my life out, haha. Told you I was a Girl In Progress!


The daily workout. AM, PM or somewhere in between?

As I work from home, I try to take advantage of the times where everyone is at work and the gym isn’t as busy. Mid-morning or just after lunchtime is normally good!


Emma Norris Workout 


Your #LifeInBag breakfast of champions looks like …

Breakfast is different every day, depending on what I have on. Some days, I’ll eat at home. Other days, I’ll have an event on or go work in a cafe. However, I find the breakfast that makes me feel most energetic and keeps me full for longest is rolled oats with almond milk, chocolate protein powder (mixed in) banana and a spoon of peanut butter.


Canned tuna for lunch on the go. Legendary, or LEAVE IT BEHIND?

Ahh, I wish I was the type of person who carries canned tuna around for lunch haha. Truth is, I’m much more likely to buy something on the go. With tuna, I feel like it needs something to go with it, like some brown rice and avo. Now THAT’s a meal!


Seriously smart, understated, Scandi-style design gets our wings flapping. What destination, space or event has recently inspired you?

Without a doubt, Lisbon in Portugal!  From the pastel buildings and the cobblestone streets to the delicious pastels de nata, I absolutely fell in love with this city and can’t wait to return.


Emma Norris Lisbon Portugal


Any amazing products, brands or things you’re loving because they ‘ease the load’, minimised tailspins or saved you from ye old form-function compromise?  

-Obviously, my Sparro! Having a bag that’s stylish enough to take me to meetings and events but also big enough to fit everything (ie. my workout gear) in it AND has a slot for my laptop (which I take everywhere) has been an absolute gamechanger.

-As I manage multiple social media accounts, I couldn’t live without Planoly. It allows me to plan out what my social media feeds are going to look like ahead of time, save sets of hashtags and schedule my posts.

-Similarly, I’m loving Meet Edgar to help me push out blog posts onto Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You simply upload your library of blog posts, pick certain time slots each week where you’re going to post to each platform and voila, it automatically schedules your posts on a rotating roster.


Emma Norris and Sparro Designs


Simple words of wisdom to other Sparro fans looking to mirror your success?

Start before you’re ‘ready.’ The truth is, nothing is ever 100% ‘perfect’ and you may never feel completely ready to launch that project, approach that person or apply for that job. I think we can get paralysed by perfection and it holds us back. When I launched both my copywriting business and blog, there were plenty of things that could (and still can be) improved. But I decided to just get them to a point I was happy enough with and put them out into the world. I’m so glad I did, because I’m so much further ahead than I would be if I had waited until I was ready (which could be never!) You can always go back and tweak things later. It sounds cliched, but life really is short — so do the things you want to TODAY.


Finally, where can we find you for more High Flyer tips, tricks & all round #InSparro?
Instagram:  @emmajanenorris @_agirlinprogress



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