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#LifeInBag with ... LAUREN FINKS

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Lauren Finks

Founder at Sly Australia

Your #LifeInBag flat lay exposé. In 1 sentence, please explain. 

Diary – no woman should be without one. Iphone is essential, at least 3 lipstick options, makeup including my organic INIKA powder for when I’m on the run, sunglasses depending on mood (I’m the female Alex Perry, always a pair on my head), my sunstone crystal for positivity and good energy - I always keep on me. Being a Virgo, a host of beauty / first aid supplies.



Sparro is a testament to high flying females known for their love and dedication to work, and working out. But also…to the one who may have been known to arrive at the gym with her top on inside-out (or backwards – sometimes both). Sound familiar?

Indeed. Being so busy, there are always reminders that we career women are ( despite the rumours) actually human. I once turned up to gym in sandals instead of my gym sneakers and just prayed I didn’t drop a weight on my foot. But working out is so important to creating balance in my life.


We love working out for many reasons, but mostly because a solid sweat gets us offline, sharpens our focus and gives us the confidence and energy to smash some serious life goals. Tell us about your current targets (career, life or otherwise).

I am all about balance and achieving it isn't always easy. Those who know me are aware of how hard I am on myself too. I'm very ambitious and set goals in my career regularly. Whether it’s trying to grow my business, push my creative boundaries or be better at managing a healthy lifestyle. Even finding balance socially, making sure I enjoy life and take breaks, there are always targets in play.



The daily workout. AM, PM or somewhere in between?

Definitely PM and not on weekends. It’s a rule I have for myself to ensure my weekends are free for roaming around.


Your #LifeInBag breakfast of champions looks like …

Controversially to some, I’m not a breakfast-eater during the week. I prefer to listen to my body and eat at lunchtime when I am actually hungry. I feel great for it. I do have breakfast with friends on weekends which is usually something pretty healthy, porridge fruit, eggs wherever the weekend mood takes me.


Canned tuna for lunch on the go. Legendary, or LEAVE IT BEHIND?

I’m all for tuna, love it, but I do always make time for lunch and try not eat on the run. Tuna bagels, sushi or humus and avo bagels are my go-to.

Seriously smart, understated, Scandi-style design gets our wings flapping. What destination, space or event has recently inspired you?

Yep you said it, less is always more for in all aspects of design from fashion to home to lifestyle. I was actually really inspired by my participation at DenFair this year. Seeing like-minded designers’ creations, was a minimalist’s dream. Curated, considered design at it’s best.


Any amazing products, brands or things you’re loving because they ‘ease the load’, minimised tailspins or saved you from ye old form-function compromise?  

My Memo A6 waterbottle. It’s flat and sleek and fits in any handbag bag so no excuses for not drinking water.


Simple words of wisdom to other Sparro fans looking to mirror your success?

Do not give up. Be dedicated. And … my favourite one which I sometimes repeat to myself on a bad day: if it were easy, everyone would do it.


Finally, where can we find you for more High Flyer tips, tricks & all round #InSparro?

All my Sly goodness is available at or follow us on instagram via @sly_australia to see what we get up to during our days.

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