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Deep Dive with ... SIGNATURE FLEX!

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Signature FLEX hey? What makes you so special? 

Signature and I are pretty similar - pocket loaded and pretty! However my outer pockets and base are engineered from a sublimely flexible neoprene for a slightly more casual execution. 



You've been termed a 'neoprene machine'. That's a big call for a luxe kinda carry-all. How much can you handle?

Literally your life!

Right now, I’m loaded up with a laptop, runners, change of clothes, brush, toiletries and make up, hair straightener, lunch, notebooks, papers, snacks, wallet, snacks, phone, a few random earrings, snacks, pens and stuff. Lots of STUFF.


How many different colour / fabric variations do you come in?

Four very ‘on trend’ variations, if i do say so myself!

  • Black with Rose Gold
  • Black w Gunmetal
  • Grey w Gunmetal
  • Ink Blue w Rose Gold

Take a peep at the Sparro Signature Flex line up here


    Something people might not know about you at first glance?

    That I solemnly swear I’ll not break on the heavy days, and the heavy days won’t break me. Bring it on! 

    Your standout features?

    I’m pocket loaded, and I’ve been told it’s by greatest feature. But my personal fave is my Triple Compartment Design. It’s bloody brilliant for separating workout from work gear, whist keeping essentials in quick draw proximity. My main compartment is entirely unzippable for exceptional access and seriously speedy packing. Oh, and my antibacterial, fully wipeable inner lining helps to keep me fresh too!

    Take a peep under my Signature Flex hood here.     


    If you HAD to name-drop, who has recently enlisted your services to ease their #LifeInBag load?

    BLUSHING! Well, only because you asked … thus far, the Signature Flex brag book includes the likes of the incredible Emma Seibold @emmaseibold_(creator @barrebody), and my sister style the Sparro Signature Carry-All has been sported by crazy brilliant high-flyers including the incredible Kayla Itsines @kayla_itsines Sylvia Jeffreys @sylviajeffreys Erin Molan @erin_molan Laura Henshaw @laura.henshaw and Brigitte Saunders @brigxx


    The most bizarre thing you've ever carried? 

    The stories I could share … but a genuine Sparro never carries & tells! All I can say is - ‘dem high-flyers sure know how to clock up the contents.

    Fridays are often the funniest - definitely when those ambitious (‘emergency packing’) personalities start to shine. Before you know it I’ve been to more locations than I can count.

    Thanks to my antibacterial Purity Pouch, however, by Monday I’m ready to do it all again!


    Finally, any CARE tips on how we can get the most out of you?  

    My hottest tip is to PLEASE keep me away from harsh surfaces and sharp edges. I’m not a fan of detergents either. To jump straight into my good books? A quick brush with a lint brush just once a week also does wonders for this high-flyer, please and thank you!


    Ready to raise a red card to a life in bags?