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Deep Dive with ... CLASSIC!

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So you call yourself a ‘Classic’. Please explain ... 

I’m all about simple, minimal design. My features are incredibly streamlined (so are often unexpected), and perfect for those on the go.

You're the baby of the pack. So how much can you handle, kiddo?

I maybe the baby, but I can absolutely hold my own when it comes to the daily #LifeInBag hustle. Laptop, a change of shoes, gym gear, wallet, keys, phone, snacks … I’ve a spot for it all. But I’m a little smaller than my bigger sisters - the Sparro Signature and Signature Flex, so better suited to a slightly lighter load.

How many different fabric / hardware combinations do you come in?

Four - and I change my mind daily as to which is my fave! Some are more understated and classic, while others flex a little more seasonal flair (hello Rose Gold hardware)!

Black w Rose Gold, Black w Gunmetal, Grey w Gunmetal and Ink Blue w Rose Gold. Take a peep at the Sparro Classic line up here


    Something people might not know about you at first glance?

    My quilted laptop pocket has been designed a ‘little larger’ to allow papers and notebooks to slip safely beside those digital prized possessions! Boy does it helps to keep things organised, and crinkle-free.

    Your standout features?

    Complete with Inner Shoe Bag, Padded Laptop Pouch, and Hidden Laundry Pocket for workout gear, I’m also water-resistant and odour resistant where it counts. Take a peep under my Classic hood here. 



    If you HAD to name-drop, who has recently enlisted your services to ease their #LifeInBag load?

    You know I’m all about understated classicism, but it would be too rude not to share this Sparro’s brag book. High-flyers who’ve clapped wings on a Classic so far include the incredible Kayla Itsines @kayla_itsines, Emma Freedman @emma_freedman, Cassey Maynard @cassey.maynard, Sandra Sully @shortblack_ , and Andrea Clarke @careerceo.


    The most bizarre thing you've ever carried? 

    Oh lordy - the stories I could share … but a genuine Sparro never carries & tells! All I can say is - ‘dem fast moving ladies sure know how to clock up the contents.

    Fridays are often the funniest, and truly when those ambitious personalities start to shine. Before you know it I’ve been to more locations than I can count.

    Thanks to my antibacterial Purity Pouch - by Monday I’m ready to do it all again!


    Finally, any CARE tips on how we can get the most out of you?  

    It goes without saying that harsh surfaces, sharp objects, grease, oils and detergents are NOT my friends.

    To maximise my almighty #LifeInBag muscle? Well I do love a weekly clean - a lint roller or standard fabric brush will do just fine, please and thank you!


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