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Spotlight on ... CAMMINO

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HOLD UP HIGH-FLYER! This week’s Sparro spotlight is on …




Cammino Shoes


  • CAMMINO SHOES - pull up a pew (or perhaps you’d prefer to stand - you are super comfy after all!) We first clapped eyes on you a few months back, but we know you’ve been years of ‘traipsing about town in uncomfortable footwear’ in the making. We love nothing more than an Aussie high-flyer, so tell us - where / when / WHY did it all begin?

  • Always a lover of shoes, during the time in my corporate career I amassed a large number of beautiful shoes - both heels and flats. I found, along with so many of my colleagues, that whilst we loved our heels spending a full day in them was never realistic. So many of us collected flats under our desks to slip on for that dash to the shops at lunchtime, to get to and from client meetings or for the commute home. I found that my collection of ballet flats grew and so did (sub consciously) the quest for the perfect pair. A pair that were immediately comfortable to slip on, made from quality leather and built to last. These ballet flats were hard to find.

  • Cammino launched in late 2017 with great success. It seemed many women shared my desire for a comfortable yet stylish flat. We are proudly watching our Cammino community growing steadily.


  • At the core of Sparro’s product development is the promise of delivering on both form and function (because a busy woman forced to compromise between style and utility is a #tailspin we all want to avoid). Can you relate?

  • ABSOLUTELY!!! It is part of our mission here at Cammino to use the best leather to provide shoes that are as comfortable and practical as there are beautiful. We believe the modern women has far too many things to on her to-do list to worry about fussy footwear. And that comfort should not come at the price of style.



    You’re predominantly known for your super stylish yet comfy flats. Was there anything like this on offer before you came on the scene?

    I found it incredibly difficult to find a ballet flat that ticked both boxes of style and comfort. You can be assured of finding plenty that tick one or the other but both was not an easy find. Cammino is a brand dedicated to creating a ballet flat that has a stylish unique look, is comfortable but also has the practical element of folding up to fit in a handbag. We know the Cammino customer is busy and needs to get the most out of her day. Cammino is there to help her achieve that.


    Your designs are clearly drop dead gorgeous, but we know there’s more to Cammino Shoes than meets the eye. Tell us a little about the amazing 3rd generation Italian shoemaking family behind your quality brilliance?

    We spent many months searching for the perfect partner to bring our designs to life. When we met The Petrini family we were instantly impressed by their dedication, passion and absolute pride in their workmanship. They were relentless in their pursuit of the right leather and material for sole that would provide an immediately comfortable shoe but also one of lasting quality. They also knew that ensuring the shoe was foldable was incredibly important to the Cammino offering. In order to achieve this they spent weeks testing to ensure that they could create a lasting ballet flat that provided comfort and quality that could proudly bare the “Made In Italy” stamp.



    Not that we need another reason to slip these beauties on our feet, but we believe you’re also foldable right?

    Absolutely! Here at Cammino we love our heels. We just don’t find a whole day in them sustainable. We also know we can last longer at that party or event if we have our Cammino’s on hand. So we ensure that they would fold neatly to fit in your bag so comfort is never far away. We don’t want you to leave that party early when you can dance the night away in Cammino’s.


    Any CARE tips on how we can get the most out of you?

    Cammino’s are made from soft calf leather. To ensure they last for years, we recommend before wearing that you spray them with a leather protector. Using a protector regularly will provide a protective coating to repel liquids and keep your shoes looking their best.



    Best place to acquire so we can add you to our #LifeInBag arsenal?
    Sparro note: Cammino offers free (+ speedy) shipping throughout Australia! #yasss


    Finally, where can we find out more about Cammino Shoes?

    You can join our Cammino Community on:
    Instagram: @camminoshoes
    Facebook:  @CamminoShoes .  
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