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Spotlight on ... KRÉOL

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HOLD UP HIGH-FLYER! This week’s Sparro spotlight is on …



Interview with Co-Founders Andrew Rush & Chloe Rush.


Andrew Rush & Chloe Rush 


  • Kréol - pull up a pew (or perhaps kick back on a hammock – you’re giving us that wonderful wellbeing vibe)! We first clapped eyes on you in a recent ‘Small Business’ news article, but know you’ve been a round a little while now. We love nothing more than an Aussie high-flyer, so tell us - where / when / WHY did Kréol all begin? Oh, and the name? 

  • Andrew
    After owning and working in cafes in Melbourne, I had observed a real lack of functional beverages in the Australian market. A number of years earlier while on a surf trip in France, I came across a book which had been left behind in my 82 Ford van (also my home at the time). The book was related to gut health and the importance of a more holistic diet. I have since continued to research and read particularly about gut health and its critical  role in overall immune function.

    Chloe and I identified an opportunity with restaurant and café menus, which have become noticeably more healthy and wholesome, but the beverage space in general has not kept pace and lacks functional options.  
    I was initially a little apprehensive about a business partnership with Drew, after all he is my brother-in-law!  Ha ha … just joking.  We were on the same page right from the start.  I had spent the past 10 years working with a number of big fashion apparel brands and was ready for something more entrepreneurial.  Similar to Drew, I’m passionate about fitness and health and he really got me interested in what he was seeing in the market and what he was looking to develop.

    After looking at some specific drink recipes that could incorporate Apple Cider Vinegar, we stumbled across a one that was originally created in the Caribbean by Creole people. Thus the name Kréol!  


  • At the core of Sparro’s product development is the promise of delivering on both form and function (because a busy woman forced to compromise between style and utility is a #tailspin we all want to avoid). Can you relate?

  • Absolutely! We initially spent endless hours working with our suppliers and research team to develop our products. Getting the right balance of a great taste, while not compromising on health benefits was so important to us. It was a journey, but we’re wrapped with where things are at. Now we can offer an on-the-go healthy alternative, that’s fun to drink, is low in sugar and supports a healthy gut. 

    Kréol Product range

    You’re predominantly known for your pre and probiotic sparkling drinks. Was there anything like this on offer before you came on the scene?

    There are many other great drinks playing in the same space as Kréol, however we wanted to offer something different and we feel we have managed to achieve this by offering the less understood (but just as important) prebiotic drinks, and now our new dual strain probiotic drink. We want to continue to offer more unique beverages with a primary focus around low sugar and gut health. We have a lot of work to do to help educate on the importance of gut health not only through our beverages but through continued wholesome diet.


    Your Kréol bottles are clearly pretty as (sugar-free) punch, but what’s inside is just as impressive. Can you tell us a little about the benefits of your brews for our bellies? 

    Love too!  As mentioned, our drinks contain Probiotics and Prebiotics this is what gives our drinks their functionality. Probiotics are good bacteria which support our gut flora, and in turn help our digestive system and overall immune function. Prebiotics on the other hand are like fertilizer for probiotics. They are non-digestible plant fibers that act as food for probiotics. Think of probiotics as PAC MAN and prebiotics as the dots! Both probiotics and prebiotics are super important to supporting a healthy gut. 

    Our probiotic drinks include two strains, Lactobacillus Plantarum and Bacillus Coagulans. These strains are considered some of the most beneficial probiotics because they are hardy and can be maintained during digestion to make their way safely into the gut.  Our hero prebiotic ingredient is Apple Cider Vinegar which is bio-dynamically farmed on the Mornington Peninsula.  Apple Cider Vinegar is loaded with the fibre Pectin, which Probiotics love! We have also added chicory root to our prebiotic beverages. Which is a plant that carries a super high concentration of prebiotic fibre. Other foods which contain prebiotic fibers include, Jerusalem artichoke, garlic, leeks, asparagus and even green bananas. 


    Andrew Rush Kréol 

  • Not that we need another reason to pop you in the fridge, but remind us … you’re kind of a ‘family’ business too?

  •  Yes we are! It’s a sister / brother-in-law combo.  


    If you HAD to name drop, have any spesh VIPs sipped on your goods as yet? 

    All our customers are VIPs! 😉


    Any extra tips on how we can get the most out of you (i.e. when is best to drink, how often etc.)?

    We like to think we’re good for most occasions whether its running to a meeting or class, or hanging with friends.  We typically go through two or three a day but like with anything it’s important to balance Kréol with a healthy, balanced diet.


    Kréol Probiotic Sparking Raspberry & Lime


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    Follow us @kreolsparkling and be sure to check out our website for all our stockists details too


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