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Spotlight on ... MISS COLLECTIVE

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HOLD UP HIGH-FLYER! This week’s Sparro spotlight is on …



Steph & Kara Miss Collective


Miss Collective - pull up a pew (or perhaps stay standing – we know you gals don’t like to sit still)! We’ve been watching you in the wings for a little while now - we love nothing more than an Aussie high-flyer, so tell us - where / when / WHY did Miss Collective all begin?

We definitely can’t sit still! We’ve been running events and workshops for so many years now, and working in the digital advertising industry can be tough for women. So we wanted to create a safe environment that our audience could connect with other likeminded women, hear from women in senior roles, learn from mistakes and successes, and take their career to the next level. We started the Melbourne chapter of SheSays, a global organisation aimed at seeing more creative leadership roles for women, and we grew from there. We’ve been so inspired by the women (and men!) that we’ve met over the years and we’re really trying to create an environment that helps women give back to the next generations.


At the core of Sparro’s product development is the promise of delivering on both form and function (because a busy woman forced to compromise between style and utility is a #tailspin we all want to avoid). Can you relate?

Absolutely! We are pulled from one thing to the next and take our laptops everywhere with us! It’s often not easy to have your laptop in hand, your handbag and a water bottle as you’re rushing around!


You’ve got a pretty special annual conference coming up (hello Level Up 2018!), but you host a bunch of brilliant events for women throughout the year too, right?

We can’t wait for our second full day conference! Last year was such a wonderful experience, and we’re so thrilled to be able to put it on again this year. We do run other workshops throughout the year, which we try to focus on universally challenging topics for our audience such as presenting with confidence, negotiating a pay rise, peer mentoring, and how to be a better leader, etc. We’ve also been running some targeted networking nights with organisations such as Porsche - we did one on the Gold Coast with them mid last year which was fabulous!


Level Up Conference Melbourne 2017  


By nature of why you exist, you’re frequently connecting high-flying female achievers with the broader community. Can you tell us a little about the calibre of incredible women you’ve been fortunate to work with?

From helping our women communicate with authority with Andrea Clarke, to our #likeaboss workshop with Bec Brideson, we've been so inspired by women that are looking to give back and help our broader audience succeed. We’ve been super lucky to have great mentors in our own lives and it’s important to us that we help to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and senior women helping pull other women up the proverbial ladder. We’re always inspired by the likes of Cyan Ta’eed, cofounder of Envato, who amongst all her success is so humble and authentic and is so willing to give back to the broader community. The women we meet at our events though are often almost as incredible to us as our amazing speakers - they’re hungry and ambitious and putting themselves out there to learn and grow, it’s wonderful to see the tenacity in them.


Not that we need another reason to keep watch of Miss Collective across 2018, but what are you most excited about this calendar year?

Our conference is our baby and we’re excited to see the second year of it come to life! But we’re also really excited to start to work on our broader vision and this year will see us diversify a little more with our first product in market.


Level Up Conference Team - Miss Collective.  


If you HAD to share one or two gold nuggets of advice you’ve picked up along the Miss Collective journey so far …

Try to run your own race - everyone has their own things going on and comparing yourself to someone else’s social shares is only going to get you stuck in the comparison trap. Try to isolate what you’re looking to achieve and map your success back to that, not against others.

Also I think being really clear on your goals and narrowing your focus is key to being able to achieve success. We can’t do everything, so narrow down your core goals and get committed to achieving them!


Any extra tips on how we can get the most out of you (or something about Miss Collective we might not already know)?

You might not know that we’ve recently released our beta-Directory which is aimed at helping connect our audience to relevant brands and businesses that are right for them. We’ve been slow to get this in a go-to-market release as we’ve been focussed on the conference, but this will be a primary focus for us over the next 12 months and will see us evolve our offering for B2B as well as our B2C.


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Finally, where can we find/follow you for more Miss Collective updates?

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