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Spotlight On ...THE FABLE.

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Hold up High Flyer. This weeks Sparro Spotlight is on...






THE FABLE - Welcome. Take a seat! We first clapped eyes on you a few months back, but we know you’ve been around for a while now. We love nothing more than an Aussie high-flyer, so tell us - where / when / WHY did it all begin?

In a past life I used to work at L’Oreal where I looked after marketing for Yves Saint Laurent and Giorgio Armani. I loved wearing silk shirts to work although found the ones I wanted were very expensive and dry clean only which was frustrating. After I left L’Oreal I went to live in a yoga ashram in India and travelled afterwards where I discovered silk factories. The opportunity presented itself to create the silk shirt I couldn’t find in the market and so began The Fable.


At the core of Sparro’s product development is the promise of delivering on both form and function (because a busy woman forced to compromise between style and utility is a #tailspin we all want to avoid). Can you relate?

    Completely. Finding a balance between practical and chic can be difficult in the fashion world. In designing our silk range, qualities I felt were important from the beginning were for our pieces to be washable and crease resistant. Dry-cleaning is not practical for busy women, nor is ironing.   They are designed for daily wear and with that they need to be low maintenance.




    You’re predominantly known for your gorgeous silk shirts, but there’s for more to the story than just fabulously affordable shirts, right?

      One of the things which was important from the beginning is that the people involved in making the range are well looked after. Our collections are made in an ethically certified factory and I regularly visit the operations to personally ensure standards are upheld. Production initially began in India although now is based in Shanghai. While the location has changed the principals of ethical manufacture remain.


      Not that we need another reason to slip one of these silk beauties on, but we believe you’re machine washable too? 

        A lot of our customers do successfully machine wash our shirts. Our recommendation is to hand wash the shirts and leave them to dry on a hanger. This will ensure they dry with minimal creases removing the need to iron them.




        If you HAD to name drop, tell us who’s enlisted you to ease their daily #LifeInBag load …

        We’ve had a lot of Australian and European influencers wear out shirt. Some of our Australian girls include @jessalizzi, @beigerenegade, @sherlockdiary@liangalliard, @ebony_walton


        Any CARE tips on how we can get the most out of you? 

        We recommend hand-washing our shirts then leaving them to dry on a hanger. This will ensure the shirt dries with minimal creases, removing the need to iron. We also recommend storing them this way.




        Best place to acquire so we can add you to our #LifeInBag arsenal?

        On our brand website and via  The Iconic

        Sparro note: The Fable offers complimentary express shipping throughout Australia + New Zealand! #yasss 


        Finally, where can we find out more about The Fable?


        Instagram: @thefablearchive




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