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Spotlight on...THE SQUIZ

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HOLD UP HIGH FLYER! This weeks Sparro Spotlight is on




The Squiz


THE SQUIZ - pull up a pew (or perhaps you’d prefer to lie down - we know you get up ridiculously early!) We first clapped eyes on you a few months back, but we know you’ve been years of ‘living and breathing news’ in the making. We love nothing more than an Aussie high-flyer, so tell us - where / when / WHY did it all begin?

Thanks for reading, Sparro! In +15 years of being a media adviser in politics and in a big corporate, there wasn’t anything for me that pulled together the news in a quick snapshot so I could bluff my way through the first couple of hours of the day. And we had so many girlfriends who wanted to stay up with the news but didn’t have the time. Enter The Squiz…


At the core of Sparro’s product development is the promise of delivering on both form and function (because a busy woman forced to compromise between style and utility is a #tailspin we all want to avoid). Can you relate?

We’re a bit more binary than that. We’re about taking the worry away from readers who want to keep up with the news. You get an email at 6.00am every weekday and it’s what we think you should be on top of. We’re like a mate that has your back giving you what you need.




Your aim is to give people a ‘quick and easy way to keep up with the news’. Was there anything like this on offer before you came on the scene?

There’s some great email newsletters that we love (Axios, TheSkimm, Quartz, The Hustle). But nothing in Australia that did the job.


The Squiz is committed to agenda and opinion-free news. Who do you have in mind when you sit down to write each morning?

Our best mate from school, nicknamed Squizzy. She has four school-aged kids, a healthy level of cynicism, cracking sense of humour, and wants the details of what’s happening so she can make up her own mind about things.


You’re predominantly known for your weekday email, but there’s a little more to The Squiz, right (i.e. someone told us about some Squiz extras, the Squiz squad and other exciting Squiz stuff)?

Yes, we do a quick weekly Q&A with a Squiz subscriber each week called the Three Minute Squiz. And we’re currently building some new products which we’re very excited about.


Aside from the obvious, tell us what’s best thing about taking a daily Squiz?

You’ll know more than your boss about the news at your 8.30am meeting. 


If you HAD to name drop, tell us who’s enlisted you to ease their daily #LifeInBag load …

Leigh Sales (ABC’s 7.30 host), Sam Armytage (Sunrise host), Helen McCabe (head of digital content at Nine), Sabra Lane (ABC’s AM host), Deborah Hutton, Jamila Rizvi, Neale Whitakker. And you. It’s an incredible subscriber list.


Best place to sign up so we can add you to our #LifeInBag arsenal?


Finally, where can we find / follow you for more Squiz updates?

Facebook @thesquizsocial
Insta @thesquiz_
Twitter @thesquiz_




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