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HOLD UP HIGH FLYER! This weeks Sparro Spotlight is on ...






YELLOW WILLOW YOGA - Welcome! Pull up a pew (or perhaps let’s take a seated position on one of your pretty patterned mats!). We first clapped eyes on you a few months back, but we know you’ve been around for a while now. We love nothing more than an Aussie high-flyer, so tell us - where / when / WHY did it all begin?  

Like most of my ideas, it came me on a mat! It was during a yoga class a few years ago after weeks of (extremely unsuccessful) searching for the perfect yoga mat. I couldn’t find one that ticked all the boxes for me: they were either too slippery, not eco-friendly, ethical or too jarring on the joints.

I looked around in this class and despite everyone looking good in brightly coloured yoga tights, all the mats were pretty boring. Yoga is an expression of yourself, as is fashion. They should go hand in hand.

I decided that there had to be another choice that incorporated both fashion and function.

Our yoga mat should be a beautiful place where we can strive to improve our performance whilst embracing the beauty and sensation of yoga, and so I wanted to create beautiful and best performing yoga mats by combining the principals of traditional yoga with a modern and sensory touch – beauty plus performance

Yellow Willow was born a few months later.




At the core of Sparro’s product development is the promise of delivering on both form and function (because a busy woman forced to compromise between style and utility is a #tailspin we all want to avoid). Can you relate?

Totally! Delivering on fashion and function is at the heart of our brand. Why should we have to make a compromise on either!?

Our yoga towels are a testament to that. They were created especially for the busy woman who does yoga on the go. They are the same beautifully printed, non-slip X-Grip surface as our yoga mats, but are super thin and lightweight so they fold up to the size of a shoe so you can just pop it in your handbag. The busy woman doesn’t need to compromise on style or functionality by using a rental yoga mat!




You’re predominantly known for your beautiful range of yoga mats, but there’s more to your offering, right?

We predominately offer yoga mats, but we also have yoga towels as well – super lightweight with high performance grip. They even double as a travel yoga mat so you can still workout on those work trips.


Your pattern designs are clearly drop dead gorgeous, but we know there’s more to Yellow Willow Yoga than meets the eye. Tell us a little about the design brilliance that give them an extra layer of grip.

I feel that the yoga mat itself is a little underrated. People build a partnership with their yoga mat during their yoga journey. It’s YOUR space where you can relax, stretch, exercise, and meditate – and its the yoga mat that gives you the confidence to take the pose to the next level. We wanted to ensure that our yoga mats were crafted with all this in mind. Therefore, were mindful of the materials we used, their designs and their performance.

Our yoga mats are actually eco-friendly and made from recycled and natural materials. This was really important to me when we began this process. They also have super X-Grip which helps you feel grounded and confident during your practice. Yellow Willow yoga mat designs are inspired by feminine and timeless fashions meaning you can build a partnership with your mat that lasts the test of time. 




If you HAD to name drop, tell us who’s enlisted you to ease their daily #LifeInBag load …

Kalani Miller (GF of Kelly Slater) is a Yellow Willow convert. She loves using our summery Frond print on the beach with her puppy dog 😍


Any CARE tips on how we can get the most out of you?

One of the best things about our yoga mats is that they are machine washable. After each class, you can just spray and wipe down the yoga mat, but when you’re in need of a little freshen up, then just pop it in the washing machine and hang out to dry.




Best place to acquire so we can add you to our #LifeInBag arsenal?

If you’re in Australia, the best place to find us is or at The Iconic.

If you’re in the USA or Canada the best place to find us is or at Nordstrom or Sporteluxe.

If you’re international, then ShopBop is the way to go. They have FREE global shipping which is amazing!


Finally, where can we find out more about Yellow Willow Yoga?

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