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The Full Sparro Scoop

The Sparro Story

Sparro is a little tribute to you - the early bird.

The one who pushes back the covers and gets up before the sun. The one who fumbles in the dark in an attempt not to wake the house.

The one who, thanks to an alarm set at sparrow’s f ^rt, has been known to arrive at the gym with her top on inside-out  (or backwards - sometimes both). Oops!

We admire your hard work and commitment to health and fitness. Especially because we know it’s tough to maintain - you’re juggling. Always juggling. A career, relationships and, well, life. We know, that no matter how many times people call you a ‘morning person,’ it’s never easy to get out of bed before dawn … ever!

But you’re determined. Determined as hell. Why? Because a solid sweat makes you feel good. It gets you offline, sharpens your focus and gives you the grounding, confidence and energy you need to smash some serious life goals.

Whatever your thing – a morning run with the crew, a knock-off spin to killer tunes with your bestie, or an ultra zen yoga class – you seem to leave home with your life in bags. Lots. Of. Bags.

At Sparro, we exist to ease the #LifeInBag load (you know, like dry shampoo did), with sleek, strong and seriously smart carry-alls for all women who work, and love to workout.

Design DNA


Bringing together design inspiration from our friends in Melbourne, Scandinavia and Hong Kong, our classic carry-alls streamline your daily hustle with zero compromise on style.

Timeless silhouettes and classic colourways to carry you from workout to work (or vice versa), office to drinks and everything in between.


Engineered to withstand your ambitious daily agenda, Sparro Carry-Alls are constructed using only best in class textiles with considered, technical features to ensure quality performance at every carry


Designed for women by women with razor sharp insights from years transitioning between workout to work (and everything in between) carrying a lot of stuff … and lots of bags. Our life in bags!

With a pocket-perfect layout to minimise clutter, keep you organised and ensure those sticky sneakers, weathered workout gear and all important laptop shall never meet. Bottom line? We’ve done the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.


Founder Amie Fitt established Sparro Designs in 2015 with a vision to create a range of genuine, yet stylish carry-alls that consolidate the many bags we typically carry from workout to work.

Originally from Melbourne, Amie attributes the inspiration for Sparro to her own experience juggling morning exercise with getting to the office on time during her high pressure, time-poor corporate career in consumer marketing.

A recent relocation to Hong Kong not only offered Amie the opportunity to realise Sparro Designs – a business idea she has been musing over for some time – but prove its reason for being was a truly universal one.

No matter where Amie worked or worked out, the daily #LifeInBag hustle was one clearly echoed by women the world over.

As Founding Director of Sparro Designs, Amie splits her time between Chicago and Sparro HQ in Melbourne, Australia. When she’s not collaborating with her stable of fellow Sparro ‘high- flyers’ on the latest carry-all designs, customer experience campaigns or creative communications, logistics and inventory strategies. You’ll find Amie cutting laps of The Tan or enjoying eggs, bacon and endless cups of English breakfast at one of many beloved locals.